Thursday, March 31, 2011

First blog and Michaux Mud

So I guess this is my blog!  Never thought I would see the day.  Some people might wonder about the blog title The Sweet Hammer-the name was given to me by some random guy at a race a few years back who said to me after the race 'you are so pleasant when you pass people, you are the sweet hammer'.  And so the name has stuck, with various versions known such as the highland hammer and plain old HAMMER!

This past weekend, myself and Rich headed to Michaux to compete in our first (endurance) race of the season.  I think the race was intended to take place in the notoriously rocky Michaux, but for some reason had to be moved to a less rocky 'faster' course.  It would have been fast if it hadn't been so muddy!  Added to that there was an unrideable stream crossing and the temperature was oh something close to freezing!  Needless to say, my feet were numb for the whole 4 hours, but all in all it was a good fun time, the sun shone and we got our racing mojos fired up.

I managed to take 1st place in the womans field and Rich 1st the SS category.  I started off at a good pace, and when I knew I had a strong lead I settled in and had fun.
There was some great post race food, so we each headed home satisfied and with pockets full of money.  Big thanks to Zach Adams for putting on the race

Abe Landes ( was there taking some brilliant shots as usual (like the one below which I love), looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this year at the Trans Epic (

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